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Australians are addicted to renovating

But one in three concede they aren’t as prepared as they thought

As we’ve said previously, every time a new series of the block aired, spending on renovations was boosted by $251 million. However, these renovations usually start six months after The Block is aired. And that’s just The Block, there’s also House Rules and Selling Houses Australia. Each of these shows contributes to the renovation market; and while most of this market is geared towards DIY: more and more homeowners are enlisting the help of professionals.

Starting your renovation project

One in three Australians concede they don’t save enough money to get their renovation project started. The most important part of renovating is planning and research: know what you want the end result to be. The second most important thing is commit to a budget and stick to it. Know how much you need to save so you can start on schedule.

After a season of The Block airs the desire to renovate goes up. The desire to fix the kitchen up, spruce up the living room or deck out your bedroom rises and trips to Bunnings start being planned. You figure out you can do the kitchen first then move on to the other rooms. You may even get adventurous and start eyeing the garden.

Men in Building can help you with your renovation needs

Renovating sounds fun.

You get to take raw materials and build something new. And you did it. Which always makes things look better. After all, you’re emotionally invested in what you’ve created. Also it has a functional purpose—especially if you’re renovation your kitchen.

Men in Building offer a range of solutions to help you with your home renovation project. Our designers can work with you to help you create the kitchen that compliments your lifestyle and your home. Whether you would like us to build it, or for us to provide you with a DIY kitchen we can help you.

Our friendly team also offer a wide range of cabinetry including:

  • Custom-made kitchens to suit
  • Pre-assembled kitchens
  • DIY kitchens

CNC machining

Using CNC machining allows us to carry out jobs that require a high level of precision with more accuracy than manual machining. When we make your kitchen (whether it’s the parts for your DIY kitchen or if we’re making it) we use CNC machining for the cabinetry to achieve the best results.

If you are in Brisbane, and looking for a company who can help you achieve your renovation or extension needs, contact Men in Building today.

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