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Choosing the right shopfitters for your needs

Felicia’s desire to start her own business was tempered by uncertainty. She knew she wanted to open a bookshop; she even thought she had a name for it. Stock was easy to come by because publishing houses were helpful explaining the ordering process.

What she didn’t have was a physical shop. Or the first idea about how to design it. She wanted a 2nd hand bookshop/library feel. There was no way Felicia was having an online-only shop. Although she appreciated an online presence was necessary.

No. what she needed now was an idea of how to go about a getting brick and mortar shop.

Knowing what you want your shop to do

Starting a bookshop there were a few things Felicia knew: there needed to be a lot of exposure and foot traffic. And that meant a shopping centre. Where else was there a constant flow of traffic? Especially near supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths. Or post offices.

Felicia wanted her bookshop to be quirky but accessible, different while still inviting. She needed clear signage and those things you could place Perspex shelves on for displays. After sketching a few ideas Felicia also decided she needed a designer: someone who could listen to her ideas and plans and make it a reality.

She even had the shopping centre in mind. It was relatively new and the shops were the appropriate size for what she had in mind. Also it was a busy shopping centre and she felt, on spending a week or two researching the area, it was the right demographic for books. And the only other bookshop around was barely worth a mention.

The shops to let were affordable, and all she needed now was a company who could help her from design to the actual building.

Men in Building are qualified shopfitters working in Brisbane

Through friends of friends Felicia heard of a company who was reputed to be helpful, produce the same quality results every time and could cater to all her needs. The icing on the cake was that they did no-obligation free quotes.

Not really knowing what she was after, aside from wanting a bookshop, she asked any and every question she could think of. Including about those things you could place Perspex shelves on: turns out they’re called slatwall panels.

After the quote Felicia not only knew what she needed she also knew Men in Building would be the ones to do the job for her. Essentially a one-stop-shop for all of her needs, Felicia felt comfortable Men In Building would complete her shop fit-out just the way she wanted. And the relief of knowing someone else would sort out not just slatwalls but also: display cabinets, lighting, shelving, security systems, flooring: the works, made Felicia’s day.

The rep from MIB even explained their CNC signage to her and how it could be replicated exactly time and time again. So even her signage was going to be amazing!

With Men In Building taking care of all her shop fit out needs, it allowed Felicia to continue sorting out the business side of her bookshop.

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