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Shop fitters Brisbane - Once school goes back sales drop off. So why not use this predictable period to give your shop a facelift?

As sales slowdown between the Christmas and the Easter break, why not use this quiet time to give your shop a facelift?

Once school goes back and parents are feeling the effect of the holidays, sales—especially in retail—tend to drop off. So why not use this predictable slow period to give your shop and facelift in time for the Easter holidays?

Take advantage of the steadily rising tourism numbers in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast by making your shop stand-out.

Whether you’re looking for spruced up signage; new slatwall panels to reinvigorate your display; or want to give your whole shop a new look, MIB – Men in Building can help you.

Shop fitters with the best in signage technology

First impressions are vital. And a part of creating a good first impression is consistent signage. If your sign looks like it was something printed at home or Officeworks it can create a poor impression of your brand.

MIB – Men in Building we use CNC machining to create sleek, professional shop signage that can be replicated exactly time and time again. This means that whether you are creating signage through your shop or in advertising it’ll always look the same. The advantage of this is brand coherency: no matter where people are when they see your brand it’ll match up exactly with the front of your shop.

CNC machining makes working on your shop fit-out a seamless process no matter the level of precision or the number of units you need built. With our range of technology, our skilled workers and our years of experience as shopfitters, MIB – Men in Building can help you.

Take advantage of the quiet period

When the holidays arrive you want your shop as inviting and accessible as possible. With our range of services our shop fitters can provide you with all the necessary tools and equipment to give your shop an amazing facelift.

If you would like to know more about how MIB – Men in Building can help you, or to request a quote, please call us today.

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