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What areas do you service?

Based in Brisbane, MIB – Men In Building look after homeowners and businesses in South East Queensland.

How much do you charge for a shop fit-out?

The cost of your shop fit-out will depend on your needs. MIB offers a free inspection and quote so that we can understand the size and scope of the work.

When we know what your needs are, we will prepare the detailed plans and provide a solid cost proposal.

What projects do you typically handle?

MIB – Men In Building work with everyone from homeowners to businesses. So whether you’re looking for a small renovation or a complete shop fit-out we can help you.

What size are your slatwall panels?

At MIB – Men In Building our slatwall panels are 2400 x 1200 x 18mm in either portrait or landscape. Slatwall colour panels are available in 2400mm x 1800mm x 18mm in either portrait or landscape.

Our prices are based on 100mm spaced centres between each channel. We also do offer alternative spacing.

What is the benefit of CNC signage?

CNC signage will provide your business with better quality, higher productivity and more flexibility. Our CNC machining can be used for a variety of services providing you with flawless quality.

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